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His Holiness, Mr. God (V.V.Subrahmanyam) , Head of Sri Vijaya Durga Peetham, Vedurupaka, popularly known as 'Vedurupaka God' and is revered as a divine Incarnaton by his devotees.
Vedurupaka is a well known village near rayavaram (eg dist). Vadrevu Venkata Subramanyam (God Garu) was born in Maudgalyasa Gotram on January 19th, 1936 at 5.45 a.m. in 4th pada of Visaka Nakshatra.Godess Vijaya durga Matha gave darshan to God Garu and gave him mantram on 18/08/1972 at 12.42 am.Since then ,Guruji has started upasana of devi mantra and vedurupaka became the manidweepa for Vijaya Durga matha.Since 40 years,lakhs of people have become ardent devotees of his Holiness GOD garu.Three main occasions where there is a huge thronging of devotees are God’s Birthday on Jan 19th,18th august when Durga devi gave the auspicious mantra to Guruji and Devi navaratris

There are Nithya poojas,Ganapathi pooja and Navagraha poojas happening on a daily basis.Devoteees can have a special darshan of Guruji on auspicious days like Tuesday and Friday.
vijaya Durga peetham is Kalpavruksha (Wishing tree in Hindu Paradise) Vijaya Durga peetham is Kamadhenu to its devotees.

Guruji did not renounce the world like the typical peethadipathis.He does not have matted hair or does not wear kashayam.Instead he renounced his wordly habits like taking food .He eats only two idlies and a cup of coffee which cannot be practiced by a common man.It has been possible only by the rigorous upasana of Devi Mantra.

Many celebrities and politicians also come to Guruji to seek blessings showing that all are equal before God.

 God garu prefers to practice than to preach. Goddess Devi blessed God garu with Devi Mantra and then tested him vigorously.

With the same aim he has started the Jr College in the name of Sri Vijaya Durga Junior College at Rajamahendry for surviving the students with good ranks and giving an opportunity to the students with best education with low fees.

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  1. God Garu is our inspiration in so many ways of our life in our narasimhadevara janaradana sastry garu household we are so proud of our God garu and totally blessed by his presence. Namaste

    srinivas shastry s/o shri krishna shastry hyderabad

  2. Great master with abundant spiritual powers.I am Associated with the peetham for the last 10 years. Loss of Guruputra is irreparable

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