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GOD Garu:
At the stroke of mid night hour on  Nineteenth January 1936, this Vedurupaka* began to emanate strange light. The villagers were surprised, for they did not know this light is ray of hope for man kind in coming years. The Baby Vadrevu Venkata Subramanyam (God Garu) was born in Maudgalyasa Gotram on January 19th, 1936 at 5.45 a.m.  in 4th pada of Visaka Nakshatra. The Plannet Saturn played important role in Sri Subramanyam's (our God garu’s) life to become Peethadhipati and Jagadguru. (The planet Saturn took prominent part in the horoscopes of Sri Krishna, Yaagnavalkya, Shirdi Sainatha and Vivekananda. Saturn influenced them for the spiritual progress of Universe).
Vijaya Durga peetham is Kalpavruksha (Wishing tree in Hindu Paradise) Vijaya Durga peetham is Kamadhenu to its devotees.
Sri Vijaya Durga Peethathipati (God) declared him self as incarnation of Sainatha in 1991 at the celebrations of Vijaya Dasami and later, in 2001 Sri God gave opportunity to his devotees to see Sri Shirdi Sai in him. Those who earnestly sought blessings and solutions to their problems,  get bliss, solace peace and ofcourse solution to all their problems. I have EXPERIENCED this.
It was on Friday, the Sravan sukla navami of the paridhavi (Name of the year, Telugu calendar), on. On that auscipious Varalakshmi Vratham day (Festival of Godess Mahalakshmi who bestos boons. Vara=Boon; Lakshmi Godess Lakshmi wife of Maha Vishnu; Vratam=Penance).
Goddess Devi gave her Divine Darshan at 12.42 a.m. on 18-8-72. At that auspicious moment Goddess Devi gave the most effective, the most powerful and universal protective divine Devi Mantra to God garu. She initiated thirty two Durga nama mala (Names in praise of Godess). Goddess Devi, eternal mother seems to have told GOD Garu that the divine mantra she gave, is a Kamadhenu (Boon fulfilling Cow), to give solace, peace, tranqility and also to fulfill the desires of the devotees. His sacred duty from then onwards was follow Her instructions. This memorable event took place in the old mansion where in God lived with his family.
The whole place glowed like Manidweepam. (Holy abode where the mother resides) when Goddess Durga appeared enthroned on a tiger and bestowed powers to God garu. Mother blessed God garu with Devi Mantram to tame tiger like desires of mankind into a gentle cow. Goddess Vijaya Durga appeared with eight arms four on her right having Chakra, Sword, Gada and Abhaaya hastam and four on her left side wearing Sanka(conch), Sula(Trisula), Banam(Bow), pushpam(flower). The Divine Goddess was radiant as a thousand suns rising together. The great Empress of the whole universe Sri Durga initiated the following 32 Durga namas.
Sri Vijaya Durga's lotus feet are illumining, splendor, shining with 360 splendid arts. Sri Durga's lotus feet are adorned with Matya(fish), Kurma(Tortoise), on her right foot, and conch(shanka), Chakra(wheel), on her left foot. The same features are found on Gods feet.
No other months in Hindu Calendar is as pious as Kartika masa . So in this holy Kartika Masa, Goddess Sri Durga gave God the impression of her Divine Lotus feet on 24-11-1974. The first ever impression of Goddess Divine lotus feet, appeared on 24-11-1974 in the old mansion.
Serving the poor is Service to Devi. Serving the Sorrowfulness is Service to Devi Serving the hunger is Serving Annapurna Devi's Divine feet.
God garu is an Unique Peethaadhi pathi, who did not renounce the world and certainly had not shunned it.
  1. He did not renounce the world.
  2. According to him 'Real Viraga' is Anuraga (love for all).
  3. He does not wear the ochre robes.
  4. His hair is not matted. For of what use are the ochrerobes and matted hair to one who himself is the embodiment of Existence-Knowledge-Bliss. The dress of a sanyasi is not a symbol of inner dispassion, but is only a means for that. You may call it as a custom or his habit, what ever our God receives from Goddess Devi be it a divine blessings or the money he passes it to the needy devotees.
  5. God garu prefers to practice than to preach. Goddess Devi blessed God garu with Devi Mantra and then tested him vigorously.
God selected 310 Naamaas(names) related to Durga from Durga Sapta Sati. He added the 32 Durga namas which were given to him by Goddess Devi to those Naamaas. Totally they are 342 naamaas. One can get the result equal to the result of Durga sapta sati parayana. He proved it practically. He also proved that one would get the result of Chandiyaga if one performs yaga with these 342 Naamaas. The eminent scholars of Vastu, Aagama, Jyotisha, Mantra, Yantra & Tantra come to God to seek solutions for their complicated problems in their respective sciences.
When God garu was having darsanam at Sri sailam, and was seething with anger on priests for their improper chanting of Khadgamaala strotram and improper performance of Pooja, and was about to attack the priests just then, a girl came averted him. She asked the God to drink the glass of milk which she had brought with her. Like spell bound he simply took the glass and drank the milk without questions.
Thereafter, God garu  went in to Dhyanam and recognized that that girl was none other than “Sri Bramarambika Mata” Herself. He was annoyed on himself for not recognizing the mother Devi earlier. as he was consummated with anger. From that day on wards he decided to give up anger and also to give up food indefinitely after reaching Vedurupaaka. While returning from SriSailam Godgaru stopped for dinner an eatery in Tripurantkam. God garu was fond of Avakaya, Kandipodi(A Redgram, red chillies, pepper, salt compound made to coarse powder)  and curd Rice. Surprisingly all his favourite items were available there. More over surprisingly, God garu and others with him felt they were VERY TASTY. He ate to his content. When he felt he was full and about to wash his hands, the old grey haired, elderly Lady who served him dinner asked God garu to have another serving of red gram powder, Avakayi and Curd Rice as it was his last meals. The disciples around God garu were dumfounded, surprised and wondered how could the Lady could know the decision taken by God garu  at far off Srisailam.
After a few days, may be after a week some of Gad garu’s disciples wanted to know the answer and went to the same place Tripurantkam where they remember clearly to have had their dinner that night. But they neither found the hotel nor the old Lady. More over neighbors and other locals living there have said that there was never an eatery existed!! Now, we know who the kind lady was. She who has come down to serve last dinner to God Garu is none other than Goddess Bramarambika. Lucky souls are those, who on that fateful night were with God garu. Otherwise is it possible to see the Goddess without Guruji's presence!
We heard about the sages who lived in forest live on herbs, water, and air. In our midst, we are physically viewing a hermit who lives with his family and has only ONE IDLI A DAY, that for our sake.
Today the 19th January is His Birthday.
I offer my humble pranams my Guru, my GOD Garu, My daivam and my Sarvasvam.
Jai GOD Garu. Jai Vijaya Durga Peethadhi pati.

According to Revenue records Vedurupaka is part of Old peddapuram Samsthanam. Raja Vatsavayu Timma Jagapathi Raju build a fort here. Muggulamma, Poleramma, Bangaramma and Mahalakshmi are graama Devatalu (deities protecting this village on four sides).
Stala puranam indicates that the great Vidura, who was sad after Mahabharata war, in search of a place for penance travvelled south of Vindhyas. When he reached the banks of a small river let  “Thulya Bhagi” he settled down for tapas. He prayed for the blessings of God and he got the Diya Darshanam of Lord Krishna. Paaka inTelugu means a small kuteeram (Hermitage/Ashram). Since Vidura built an Ashram (Paaka) and got salvation at this place, this holy village came to be referred as “Vidhura Paaka” .  Over a period illiterate people started to use “Veduru” (Bamboo) since they did not know Vidhura but knew “Veduru”. Thus, the name “Veduru Paaka”

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